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January 2021
Report: Apple Talking with Hyundai to Produce
According to a report, the South Korean automaker is currently in talks with Apple to produce its ambitious vehicle and “next level” battery technology. 9to5Mac confirms that Apple is in early discussions with Hyundai and also that part of the development could take place at Hyundai Motors’ facilities in
Trump Orders Security Assessment of Drones Made in China

A drone from Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. (DJI). Last month, the U.S. added DJI to its list of companies that couldn’t purchase American technology without special permission.

One of President Trump’s last acts in office was ordering a security assessment of U.S. drones made in China and other nations considered “foreign adversaries.” I’m actually a little surprised this hasn’t happened sooner – unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) play a number of federal roles, including
CES 2021: LG uses Virtual Influencer to Announce UV-C Robots

LG's virtual influencer, Reah Keem, announced their UV-C robots at CES 2021.

Well, this is horribly creepy. The new millennium introduced the celebrity influencer who’s famous for being famous, so for the first-ever digital Consumer Electronics Show, LG thought it was a great idea to introduce a virtual influencer. Reah Keem is a budding musician and world-traveler, with a sa
Automatic Pool Skimmer Runs on Solar Power
Cold weather got ya down? How about a gadget evocative of warm summer days (that brings out the inner sloth in all of us)? At this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show, Pivot-Solar Breeze plans to unveil a solar-powered automatic pool skimmer – think a Roomba for the water. According to the company, “Ariel” removes