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November 2021
Autonomous Commercial Vehicles Could hit the Road Ahead of Cars
We may very well see autonomous delivery vehicles before passenger cars (and for much the same reason there’s a huge push to electrify heavy-duty vehicles). On November 8th, Walmart, in conjunction with B2B logistics provider Gatik, made history with the world’s first autonomous commercial delivery on the
Middle East Deal Swaps Solar Energy for Water
Now here’s a heartwarming story of peaceful cooperation between ancient enemies (that just happens to fall in our space) – Israel and Jordan have signed a solar power/water deal that will see each party provide the other with a critical resource. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Israel have a long and
All New Homes in England to have EV Chargers Installed
Fresh from hosting the COP26 summit in Glasgow, the UK government has not been slow to try boost its green credentials. It has announced that it will bring forward new regulations that will require any new homes or buildings in England to have a charge point for electric vehicles built in from next year. It wi
Rolls Royce Electric Plane Breaks Speed Record
Rolls Royce isn’t just vying for the title of “world’s coolest electric car” – they’ve taken to the skies, too, and they just broke a speed record. Their “Spirit of Innovation” hit a top speed of 345.4 mph over 1.86 miles. The brand synonymous with chic luxury incorporated what’s become th
Green Investment May Lessen German Coal Dependence
Germany is one of my favourite places. Luckily through my work I am able to visit there at least a few times a year to meet companies and visit exhibitions. One of the things that has often confused me about the country is how its attitude to the environment has always seemed pretty contradictory. The country
Prototype Cable Could Enable Sub-5 minute Charging Times for EVs
Purdue University photo/Jared Pike

A new charging cable design developed by Purdue professor Issam Mudawar (center) and his students could reduce an electric vehicle's charging time to under five minutes.

The biggest drawback for electric vehicles right now is “range anxiety” – or the limiting factors of its electric range – and the biggest variable for that is charging speed. Purdue University engineers just developed a prototype charging station cable that could bring EV “refueling” times in line wi
Automakers Turn to Chipmakers to Solve Supply Chain Issues
The chip shortage has been hard on vehicle manufacturers. The figures quoted for the industry last year are pretty scary. For example, analyst Alix Partners has predicted that automakers will lose $210bn revenue through producing 7.7 million fewer vehicles. This drop in production has led to automakers stoppin
What the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill has for EVs and Renewables
The House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion bill on Friday that earmarked billions for clean energy R&D and which President Biden called "a once-in-generation bipartisan infrastructure bill that will create millions of jobs, turn the climate crisis into an opportunity, and put us on a path to wi
New Panasonic Batteries Give Tesla a Boost
Two of the factors that most affect the pick-up of electric vehicles are range anxiety and cost. While countries and manufacturers are doing all they can to promote the installation of an infrastructure to cope with the change to electric power, the cost issue hasn’t gone away. Although the price of batteries has d
Tesla Rolls out Supercharger Pilot Program for non-Tesla Owners
Tesla has graciously decided to open up its fast-charging stations to non-Tesla vehicles. In the Netherlands. For now. The electric automaker opened its first Superchargers in 2012, and at present, they have 25,000 stations worldwide. According to Tesla, it’d always been their plan to open their Super