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October 2021
Infineon, Hyundai Partnership Helps Startups Thrive in Asia
While larger established companies all too often do things the way they have always done and try to find small, incremental improvements, startups often take a completely different approach which can totally disrupt the normal way of doing things. Their founders see the gaps that exist in the market and then tr
Ford's Electric F-150 Receives 5G Support Courtesy of AT&T
Ford is angling for a significant advantage in what should turn out to be a crowded electric pickup market. When last we spoke about Ford’s electrified ambitions, we mentioned their plans to revitalize the “Lightning” name for their electric F-150. 1993’s F-150 Lightning was ahead of its time, combining for
AI Optomises Inductive Motor Design for Higher Power Factor
Whether it is three phase for industry, or single phase ones for home use, induction motors are some of the most popular types of motor in use today. They are self-starting, reliable and don’t need much maintenance, so their popularity is no surprise. However, they do have one large drawback – their power
Tesla Rolls out Usage-Based Car Insurance Program in Texas
I recently mentioned how Tesla’s Self-Driving Beta rollout was for drivers with “perfect” safety scores. Turns out the safety grades were for something far more insidious than autonomous vehicles – car insurance. Yep, Tesla is moving into a space dominated by talking geckos, J.K. Simmons, Flo, and A
Electrically Powered Plane a Step Towards Flying Cars?
For as long as I can remember there have been predictions about when flying cars would become a reality. There have also been many futuristic and fanciful images of what they may look like and how they might operate. Some have even made it to the prototype stage, but these have either not fulfilled their promise, or
Tesla puts the Kibosh on newest Self-Driving Beta ... for now
Tesla has halted the rollout of its Full Self-Driving beta version 10.2 – though no reason was given, and it’s not actually full self-driving. Back in 2016, Tesla said that all its new vehicles came equipped with embedded “full self-driving” hardware, with the software on its way. But the planned roll
Apprenticeships Key to UK's Scientific Powerhouse Strategy
When Boris Johnson announced that he intended to turn the UK into a scientific powerhouse after the Brexit vote, it was quite a surprise and a bold commitment. At that time, his government was negotiating a Brexit deal that was expected to lead to many of the skilled and experienced people that would be at the ce
Argonne Scientists Could Make Solid-State Batteries Viable
The Argonne National Laboratory could help double the range of electric cars in the near future – researchers have suggested that solid-state batteries might be viable sooner than we think. If you’ve spent any time around electric vehicles – or any portable devices over the last couple decades, you’ve