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November 2019
Tesla Cybertruck Shows off Bulletproof Windows

Dramatic whoopsie or successful demo?

The Cybertruck is off to a smashing start. Tesla’s pickup truck is definitely unique – it looks more like the APC from Aliens than an F-150. And true to form, it’s “literally bulletproof” … despite what seems like a high-profile flub. At the unveiling in Hawthorne, California, a stagehand with a sledgeh
McDonald's Signs Huge Renewable Energy Deal
The Golden Arches are going green. McDonald’s just signed a major renewable energy deal that puts the fast food conglomerate on track for an ambitious climate change goal. The deal amounts to 220MW of wind and 160MW of solar – both from Texas projects – that will serve the energy needs of 2,500 McDonald
I Have a Serious Case of Battery Envy

The iPhone XR

CNET just published a fun little piece about the “7 phones with the best battery life,” and I’m not ashamed to admit it gave me all kinds of envy. The iPhone’s battery is famously underpowered, and while an iPhone did make the list, it wasn’t mine. Not even close. No, the one Apple product on the li
Russia Boosts Surveillance with
Apparently, Russia’s new “internet sovereignty” law is about surveillance, not control. To which I’d say something that rhymes with “no pit.” In case you missed it, Russia just passed the “internet sovereignty” law, mandating that ISPs route all net traffic through the Roskomnadzor, the count