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February 2021
Elon Musk Offers $100 Million for Best Carbon Capture Tech
Elon Musk is using his considerable influence (and wealth) to fight climate change. The “real-life Iron Man” is funding a $100 million prize for the “best carbon capture technology.” The XPrize competition is “aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity — fighting climate change and rebal
Wind Turbine Blades Have a Recycling Problem
Wind turbines might not be the green juggernauts many peg them as – where it concerns their “final resting place,” turbine blades are a huge nuisance. That’s according to an article in Bloomberg, which discusses the blades piling up in landfills around the world. That doesn’t make wind energy less efficient than fossil fuels (or anything that dramatic). But it does highlight a problem th
Electric VTOL Flying Car Headed for Racing Series
It has more in common with a Star Wars landspeeder than a DeLorean, but the Airspeeder Mk3 is one of the most elegant “flying cars” I’ve ever seen. Part of that beauty aligns with the craft’s intended purpose. On Alauda’s site, they quote that famous Back to the Future line (that was later appropriated
Unlocking Your Tesla with a Smartphone

A Tesla Model Y

In the near-future, ultra-wideband (UWB) technology could let a smartphone unlock your Tesla. Apple and Samsung have been exploring UWB tech, and Tesla recently submitted six new “products” for the FCC’s consideration – according to The Verge, this includes two key fobs, a security controller, and a number of “endpoints” for the f