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April 2018
Researchers Extract Hydrogen From Sunlight
We pine for a lot of “Holy Grails” in this industry but one above all – cheap renewable energy. It’s the key to everything. And a team from the UK’s University of Exeter has made great strides towards solving it. The researchers developed a new technique to convert hydrogen from sunlight. And while us
Electrify America to Deploy 2,000 Fast Chargers on Roads by The End of 2019
We’ll never sell electric cars to John Q. Midwest – and anyone with a longer commute – until we solve the issue of “range anxiety.” Tesla's Supercharger network is a great start, and Electrify America is following up with 2,000 fast chargers at a total of 484 charging stations by the end of 2019. Each charging station, offering from 4-10 CCS1 chargers, will accommodate vehicles that char
Elon Musk Admits to
Define “irony.” How about this – Elon Musk admitted to “excessive automation” at Tesla’s Fremont facility right after Tesla’s vehicular autopilot killed someone. Or maybe it’s just a poor choice of words. Granted, the driver involved in the fatal Tesla SUV crash was probably at fault – Tesla’
Rick Perry's Nuanced History With Green Energy and America's Place in the Alt Energy World
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has announced $105.5 million in funding for solar power. The DOE outlay will support 70 projects to advance solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) technologies. “Investing in all of our abundant energy sources, including solar technologies, will he
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has kicked Tesla off the board investigating the fatal crash of a car running Tesla’s “Autopilot.” Tesla claims they initiated the breakup. Self-interest aside, this sorry incident highlights the need for transparency with imperfect technology. Last mont
Since its launch in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has become a bit of a phenomenon. Initially conceived to introduce schoolchildren to programming, the pocket-sized, Linux-based computer quickly became the best selling computer ever to be designed in the UK with over 20 million unit sales to date. From the classroom, th
Study: LEDs More Expensive, Less Available in Low-Income Areas
This probably seems like a great big ‘duh’ moment – high-efficiency lighting is less affordable for low-income households. But a University of Michigan study confirmed much more than that – energy-efficient lightbulbs are actually less available in high-poverty urban areas. The Energy Independence and Securi
Researchers: Carbon Taxes Can Reduce Climate Change
Researchers at MIT and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that carbon taxes can help battle climate change. The researchers also concluded that some of these taxes would be fair. Wait, what? We’ve all heard about the fabled “cap and trade” schemes – systems whereby government sets a cap
Against Threat of Tariffs, China Cuts Taxes for Domestic Chipmakers
So the U.S. enacts a host of policies designed to punish Chinese imports, and China responds with tax cuts that bolster domestic industry. Go America? Amidst a potential trade war with China, the US is threatening $50 billion worth of tariffs. The Trump administration has already levied stiff tariffs on imported solar panels – most of which come from China – and that move threatens to de