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March 2018
I recently attended the Embedded World show in Nuremberg. The exhibition always fascinates me. Manufacturers of MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, FPGAs and any other type of processor that I can’t quite remember at the minute, line up to show the capabilities of their latest products. The demonstrations on the stands are no
Deploying Self-Driving Electric Taxis in NYC

The Waymo Jaguar I-Pace self-driving electric taxi.

We’ve covered air taxis extensively, but what about the earthbound variety? Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley recently analyzed the cost, energy, and environmental implications of a fleet of self-driving electric vehicles, and the results are encouraging. And yes, I immed
Charging Electric Vehicles On the Go
The University of Colorado at Boulder has a fascinating piece about wireless power transfer for electric vehicles. And while the idea isn’t new, it could affect the mainstream viability of EVs. We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on wireless power, and while the tech hasn’t fully matured, it should have a
Army Unveils 10 MW Photovoltaic System
SunPower Corp.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 10-megawatt solar photovoltaic and 1-megawatt energy storage system.

The US Army recently commenced operations on its 10-MW photovoltaic system at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Designed, built, and maintained by SunPower Corp. (with financing from Regions Bank), the project is a joint effort between private industry, the U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives, and the U.S. Army

In 2021, Norway plans to unveil Svart, a palatial wonder for those who can afford to be environmentally conscious. “Svart” means black in Norwegian (a tribute to the dark blue ice of the Svartisen glacier), and it stands to be the world’s first “energy positive” hotel by the Arctic Circle. What makes so
Don't Overreact to Uber's Self-Driving Car Death

An Uber self-driving Volvo SUV like the one involved in the tragic accident in Tempe, AZ.

It was inevitable, and so was the outcry. Uber’s self-driving car crash in Tempe, AZ wasn’t the first fatality associated with autonomous vehicles, but it’s apparently the first time a driverless car struck a pedestrian. Regardless, the crucial factor is our (over)reaction to it. Autonomous vehicles
Panasonic Begins Producing Prismatic Batteries From China Plant
Panasonic has begun manufacturing prismatic-type automotive lithium-ion batteries at its sleek new factory in Dalian, China, with the goal of spurring international demand. China’s minimum production requirements for green vehicles should begin next year, and the world’s largest market should fuel global
It’s been almost a year a year to the day (10th March) since Analog Devices announced that the company had completed its approximately $30 billion takeover of Linear Technology. The initial announcement had come as a shock to the industry, in that one of the seemingly few remaining large privately owned electro
Google Co-Founder Sponsors New Air Taxi
Another player has thrown their hat in the air taxi race, and this one has star power behind it. Backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, Kitty Hawk recently unveiled the Cora, an autonomous, electric VTOL aircraft. Like many prospective air taxis, the Cora is designed to be widely accessible – “An air tax
Citing National Security Concerns, Trump Blocks Takeover of Qualcomm by Broadcom
President Trump has blocked the proposed takeover of Qualcomm Incorporated by Singapore-based Broadcom Limited, and it’s all about 5G. Claiming that such a buyout “threatens to impair the national security of the United States,” Trump issued an Executive Order immediately halting any further negotiations. This co
Trump Smacks Imported Solar Panels With Crippling Tariff
President Trump has levied stiff tariffs on imported solar panels, and ironies abound – the duties could cripple a booming domestic industry, solar panel installation. We’d previously reported that Trump was considering tariffs of up to 35%, based on recommendations from the U.S. International Trade Commission, which claimed that cheap imports were hindering domestic manufacturing.
German Court Rules That Cities Can Ban Diesel Vehicles
File this under “things that would never fly on this side of the Atlantic” – the Federal Administrative Court in Germany has ruled that specific cities can ban diesel vehicles. Obviously, this doesn’t amount to a nationwide embargo, but it does allow for a gradual injunction, piece-by-piece. As exp