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January 2020
Solar's E-Waste Problem
Solar might be a “clean energy” source, but it’s pretty far from spotless – especially at the end of its lifecycle. And with photovoltaics dominating the market (and global legislation that favors alternative energy), its recycling snafu is a toxic time bomb. Forbes poses the rhetorical question “If Solar Panels Are So Clean, Why Do They Produce So Much Toxic Waste?” The issue is the alarming amount of cadmium in the avera
Government Investigates Teslas That Accelerated on Their Own

A 2019 Tesla Model S

Turns out drivers aren’t the only safety hazard for semi-autonomous vehicles – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reviewing a petition to recall 500,000 Teslas over automatic acceleration issues. We’ve mentioned before that smart cars aren’t smart enough to save us from o
U.S. Ends Gov't Civilian Drone Program Over China Fears

The DJI Spark drone.

Trump has made China a cornerstone of his presidency – confronting them, challenging them, levying tariffs on Chinese goods … but this could be his boldest (or most petty) move against the People’s Republic. On Sunday, the government announced that it was grounding its civilian drone program over thei
New Segway is Eerily Similar to WALL-E
If you loved Segways but hated the indignity of standing up, you’re in luck. Just when you thought personal transportation couldn’t get any dorkier, Segway-Ninebot introduces the S-Pod – a device that lets you balance on two wheels without the slightest possibility of accidentally burning a calorie.