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February 2020
New Helicopter Design Trades Tail Rotors for Electric Fans
A new helicopter design could be safer, quieter, and help usher in electric-powered flight. The Electrically Distributed Anti-Torque system (EDAT) from helicopter manufacturer Bell ditches the noisy (and inefficient) tail rotors for four electric fans. As the name implies, EDAT involves four independent electrica
Department of Justice Charges Huawei with Racketeering
2020 hasn’t gone swimmingly for Huawei. First, the Coronavirus decimated their smartphone sales, and on Thursday, the US Department of Justice unveiled fresh criminal charges against the telecom giant, alleging trade secret theft and racketeering. The trade secret allegation is nothing new – back in 2003,
Mobile World Congress Cancelled over Coronavirus Fears

Some of the action from Mobile World Congress 2019. MWC 2020 was cancelled over Coronavirus fears.

The Coronavirus has claimed the world’s largest telecom trade show – on Wednesday, organizers for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona cancelled this year’s conference. Scheduled to commence on February 24, the MWC had its work cut out for it with worldwide travel delays, quarantines, and general m
Will U.S. Take a

Attorney General William Barr

The U.S. could take an interesting tack in their bid to counter Huawei – Attorney General William Barr suggested the U.S. and allies take a “controlling stake” in Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson. This comes after Britain rebuffed America’s intense lobbying efforts and agreed to a limited wor
Self-Driving Car Lacks Steering Wheel and Brake Pedals
GM and Honda are taking the training wheels off with the Origin – a self-driving vehicle with no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals, or rear view mirror. That likely precludes the notion of a “safety driver,” and while that sounds mildly terrifying, fully-autonomous vehicles will have no need for hu