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November 2022
9-Seat Hybrid Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight

9-Seat Hybrid Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight

­While battery power might be impractical for commercial air travel, it could definitely play a role in the (near) future of private aircraft. Take, for example, the Hawthorne, California-based Ampaire, which just completed the maiden flight of a nine-seat regional airplane with a hybrid-electric drive system.
 Europe's Largest Battery Storage System Goes Online
One of the biggest drawbacks of renewable energy, so far at least, is that power generation can be intermittent. While fossil fuel and nuclear plants are very predictable in the amount of power that they output, a cloudy day or a drop in wind speed and the amount of renewable energy that can be generated drops d
Hummer EV is Sold Out for 2 Years

Hummer EV is Sold Out for 2 Years

­Remember when we said the backlog for EVs has (mostly) eased up? Well, there are exceptions — like the Hummer EV, which is apparently sold out for two years. Not too long ago, we reported that most EVs were backordered 3-6 months, while the superstar of the electric world, Tesla, was backed up at least a y
New Saudi Arabian EV Brand Shines Light on the Kingdom's Renewable Energy Policies

Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn is working with Saudi Arabia to create a new electric car brand, Ceer. Pictured is Foxconn Chairman Young Liu.

­The nation with the second-largest stash of oil reserves is going green – Saudi Arabia announced its very own electric car brand. Given their rep as one of the world’s fossil fuel juggernauts, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is probably the last country anyone would associate with EVs. With a proven stockpi
You Take the High Road and I'll Go By Plane
Hybrid Air Vehicles

Airlander 10 flying over Kirkwall

The Highlands of Scotland must be one of the few places in the world that are almost are universally loved. The area draws tourists from all over to visit its dramatic scenery. However, the north of Scotland is remote, mountainous and prone to some extreme changes of weather. The lack of population, as well as
General Motors Pushes its EV Plans Back by 6 Months

Because of delays at its Warren, Ohio plant, which is slated to produce batteries for its Ultium Cell vehicles, GM pushed its electrification goals back by about six months.

­General Motors has become one of the first high-profile victims of green overreach – the automaker announced an electrification delay of about six months, a result of lags at its battery cell plant in Warren, Ohio. COVID-19 caused a broad swath of chip and parts delays across the globe, leading to a cascading shortage of