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June 2017
Cell Phone Doesn't Need a Battery ... for 15 Meters
Sick of watching your mobile phone drop from 40% to dead in the space of a minute? (*grumble*) How about a cell phone that doesn’t need batteries? Sorta ... Vamsi Talla, a research associate at the University of Washington in Seattle, developed an interesting prototype which uses analog technology to make v
All-electric Aston Martin combines green with chic

An all-electric Aston Martin RapidE concept image.

Aston Martin is the epitome of cool. Just whispering those four syllables conjures images of class, sophistication, and Bond, James Bond. And wealth. Fabulous wealth. An electric version won’t change the latter (quite the contrary), but it could elevate the British “sports saloon” from ultimate chic to
Senators urge Trump to investigate Russian threat to our power grid
How do we prepare for a cyber-threat that could demolish our power grid almost immediately? That’s the question on the minds of 19 senators (and the rest of us), who implored President Trump to investigate the threat of Russian grid-hacking. Forget nuclear Armageddon. The greatest threat to civilization co

Exxon Mobile, other oil giants, support new carbon tax proposal
At first glance, I fully expected Rod Serling to announce that we’re in some kind of fictitious zone. It’s the last thing I ever expected – Exxon Mobile and other oil conglomerates are supporting a carbon tax proposal. Cue unsettling music and cheesy ‘50s special effects. On closer inspection, this particular carbon ta
Apple Supplier: Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging
This has been a long time coming. The next frontier of consumer power requirements is cordless, and Apple manufacturer Wistron has leaked the news we’ve all been waiting for – the next iPhone will have wireless charging. Let’s get one thing out of the way – Apple guards its secrets tighter than the
Refueling Electric Cars with Liquid Electrolytes
A group of Purdue researchers want to streamline the process of recharging electric cars using a liquid fuel packed with more electrolytes than Gatorade. At present, the biggest hurdle to the mass proliferation of electric and hybrid vehicles is the required infrastructure. Every pure electric and hybrid vehicle
Solar Power Could Foot the Bill for Trump's Mexico Wall
Trump’s much-ballyhooed border wall hasn’t received appropriations from Congress, but it does have a potential funding source – solar power. The President floated the idea Tuesday of using solar panels to partially offset the cost of the wall, initially subsidized by taxpayers. And while PSD takes no official stance on the wall, itself, we’re
The Pope Receives his First Electric Car

The Opel Ampera-e, the Chevy Bolt EV's European cousin.

Pope Francis seems to be a big hit with the kids, and this should up his (cobblestoned) street cred – German auto manufacturer, Opel, has donated an Ampera-e (the Chevy Bolt EV’s European cousin) to Vatican City. The largely token gesture is meant to help Vatican City become “the first ‘carbon-dioxide