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February 2023
Ford to Invest $3.5 Billion in Lithium Iron Phosphate EV Battery Plant

The Mustang Mach-E will include Ford's LFP batteries.

­As we plunge headlong into our electrified future – courtesy of government regulations and the steady march of technological innovation – lithium-ion batteries have suddenly become amongst the most important devices on the planet. Ford is recognizing that need with a mammoth $3.5 billion investment in its f
Electric vehicles are the gateway to other clean energy tech

Free fuel..if you can afford the initial outlay

­ It stands to reason that early adopters of electric vehicles, would also be keen on domestic solar power to fuel them. With the current soaring price of electricity, why would anyone want to turn their back on free fuel, and at least reduction in the cost of their domestic electricity needs? It does seem
EV Concept Could Clean the Air While Driving

The student team based at the Eindhoven University of Technology

­Most of the governments and automakers around the globe are trying to go carbon-neutral by the middle of this century, and some have even more audacious plans, like BMW’s goal to have half its sales electric by 2030. But few are aiming to be a net-positive for the environment. A student team based at th
Scheme pays users to help balance the electricity grid

Customers will be incentivized into using stored energy at peak times

We go to great lengths to make our power supply more efficient, whether that is a USB-C charger for a mobile phone, or a multi-megawatt power station. But the energy that is not used if often just as important. There are not many totally carbon-free types of generation, so the cleanest option is often to not genera
Offshore Wind Killing Whales at an Alarming Pace off East Coast

Offshore Wind Killing Whales at an Alarming Pace off East Coast

­Renewable energy sometimes has unintended environmental fallout — not as great as fossil fuels, but it’ll need to be addressed. The latest — an epidemic of whale deaths attributed to offshore wind on the East Coast. We’ve already seen windmills’ tendency to kill heaps of birds, but put them
One Simple Trick Prolongs Battery Charge
Bram Van Oost/Unsplash

Commercial battery cells contain tape that holds electrodes together and chemical decomposition of it creates a molecule leading to self-discharge.

One of the biggest problems with smart devices is battery life. The capacity of the battery always seems to have run out just when you need it most. This is especially true for laptops. Personally, I often find that my own laptop runs out of charge after a full day at an exhibition, which is a major inconvenienc
GM Invests Heavily in Nevada Lithium Mine

GM Invests Heavily in Nevada Lithium Mine

­General Motors is making a huge power play, no pun intended. In order to enable our electrified future — and everything from electric vehicles to portable devices — we need reliable batteries, and in order to achieve that, we need a ready supply of critical minerals. Including and especially lithium.