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April 2019
Study Claims EVs Emit More CO2 than Diesel Models
A German study claims that electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel-powered ones, reigniting an old debate. We all remember the controversy – breathless headlines declared that it takes more combined energy to produce a Toyota Prius than a Hummer. A 2007 study by CNW Marketing Research, “Dust to Dust: Th
My Three-Year Experiment with an Electric Lawnmower
Three years ago, I took the plunge with an electric lawnmower. The results were ... mixed. It sounds like a great deal – cut the grass, and save gas money (and the planet). It’s the same implicit pact of electric cars (minus the grass cutting). And like electric cars, the electric mower I chose was pric
Offshore Wind Power Foretells Energy Boom
The Vineyard Offshore Wind project is about to begin operation, and when it starts spinning in 2022, its 84 offshore wind turbines will generate 800 MW and save $1.3 billion in energy costs over a 20-year contract. The resultant energy boom could be the biggest coup since oil. Hopefully. Wind power is nothi
Qualcomm's Complicated Relationship with Huawei
While most American companies – and key American allies – refuse to do business with Huawei, a homegrown telecom giant is still working with Shenzhen’s pride and joy. That is, once the courts have their say. American telecom provider Qualcomm recently settled a legal dispute with Apple, and this could lead to a similar deal w
China's Geely Introduces Electric Car Brand, Model 3 Clone

Geely's Geometry A.

China’s Geely Auto Group is gunning for Tesla with a new electric car brand, Geometry, and a Model 3 facsimile, the Geometry A. Geely President and CEO An Conghui announced the brand at a launch event Thursday, and their inspiration is pretty clear. “The Geometry brand is Geely’s vision of the future in
EU Lawmakers Reject Wi-Fi for Autos
VHS vs. Betamax. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD. Qi wireless power vs. PMA. And now, apparently, a Wi-Fi auto standard is battling a 5G alternative. And 5G struck the first blow, as EU lawmakers rejected a European Commission push for the Wi-Fi model. 5G has dominated the news cycle of late, as China’s Huawei tries to assert its influence, and various nations – including the U.S., Japan, Australia, and New Zealand – refuse to work with the telecom giant. Meanwhile, several holdouts –
Google Spinoff Launches Drone Delivery Service in Australia
While Amazon’s drone delivery service is currently stuck in legislative hell, Google parent company Alphabet launched its own version in North Canberra, Australia. Google spinoff Wing demoed their drone delivery service for 18 months in Canberra, making 2,000+ deliveries, with a 93% customer satisfaction r
President Trump: Wind Turbines Cause Cancer

President Donald Trump speaking during the National Republican Congressional Committee Annual Spring Dinner on April 2, 2019.

President Trump thinks wind turbines are “disgusting looking,” obstruct the view from his golf courses, and contribute to “wind turbine syndrome,” a made-up psychosomatic condition invented by a single doctor who based her findings on hearsay from 38 people. And on Tuesday, Trump repeated a dubious claim that
Next iPhone Could Include Two-Way Wireless Charging
According to rumors, the next-gen iPhone should feature two-way wireless charging. And while that probably won’t knock any socks off, it shows the evolution of everyone’s favorite all-in-one device (the smartphone, not the iPhone). The iPhone X famously includes inductive wireless charging, certified to the W