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December 2019
Debunking Cell Phone Battery Myths
CNET has an interesting piece about the most common cell phone battery myths – some you probably know, but everyone should read and internalize them. Some of the smartest people still fall prey to the “overcharging” myth, for example. A vocal minority still insist that leaving your phone plugged in eve
Water-Based Battery is Non-Flammable
The Army released a list of the top 10 coolest science and technology advances of 2019, and one of them is of special interest to us – an aqueous lithium-ion battery that’s completely fireproof. The University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory joined with Army scientists to address
EV Tax Credit Won't be Extended

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow had been a huge proponent of extending the EV tax credit.

The feds declined to extend the EV tax credit, so the incentives for GM and Tesla vehicles will end shortly. GM and Tesla had both lobbied hard for an extension, proposing to knock $500 off the $7,500 credit and thereby upping the vehicle maximum from 200,000 to 600,000 vehicles. But each company and their p
World's First Electric Commercial Plane Takes Flight
Harbour Air just achieved a “world first” – a fully electric commercial plane took its first test flight. But first, let me tamper your collective excitement – the plane in question was a 62-year-old, six-passenger DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver, modified with a 750-horsepower (560 kW) magni500 propulsion syste
Ralph Lauren Vows to Switch to 100% Renewable Energy by 2025
Ralph Lauren is going green in a big way. The luxury apparel company is joining RE100, a group of businesses devoted to 100% renewable energy. Each of the RE100 signatories – which include heavyweights like 3M, Adobe, Apple, Coca Cola, ebay, and Facebook – has set their own timetable, but they’ve all ma
Airbus to Produce Hybrid-Electric Jet by 2035
Europe wants more sustainable aircraft by 2050, and this is a big step in that direction. On Thursday, Airbus revealed its plans for a hybrid-electric jet aircraft. The target date? 2035. Seems a tad … optimistic, but the industry is certainly moving in that direction. Not much is known about Airbus’ low-

President Donald Trump tours an Apple manufacturing plant in Austin, TX.

It appears that Apple will get another shot at a tariff exemption. President Trump had previously given an emphatic no to Apple’s exemption request for its Mac Pro parts made in China. "Apple will not be given Tariff wavers [sic], or relief, for Mac Pro parts that are made in China," Trump said on Twitter. "Make them in the U