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May 2020
Company Donates Custom Electric Ford Broncos for Charity
An auto restoration service and fundraising platform are ponying up two custom electric Ford Broncos (and $20,000 cash) to support a charity fighting global poverty. St. Louis–based Gateway Bronco likes to boast that they “build the way Henry Ford envisioned, on an assembly line,” and they apparently do some g
The UK Plans to Significantly Reduce Involvement with Huawei

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to significantly reduce his country's involvement with Huawei.

  With Huawei fanning security fears and China dealing with increased global scrutiny over Covid-19, Britain plans to completely remove Huawei from their infrastructure by 2023. According to The Telegraph, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing domestic pressure to downplay Huawei because of the coronavirus, and is
GM Close to Releasing a Battery that Lasts One Million Miles
Last year, we reported that Tesla would soon have a battery with a lifespan in the seven digits. The research was a tad compromised – the university reporting it has a working relationship with Tesla – but the findings seem plausible. And now GM is tossing its hat into the million-mile race. We’ve all h

COVID-19 Slams China's Oversaturated EV Market

China’s oversaturated EV market, including domestic automaker Geely, is fighting for survival in the age of the coronavirus.

  The coronavirus is putting the hurt on a ton of businesses, but none more acute than the auto industry. No one’s driving, so no one’s buying cars, and with a market that’s already massively oversaturated (in the presumed birthplace of COVID-19), you’ve got all the ingredients in place for a major r
Staying Sane with a Bare Minimum of Physical Activity

The MATRIX PowerWatch is a great excuse to leave the house and perform this evil ritual called "exercise."

Like many of you, I’m going bonkers from cabin fever, and the only way to save most of my marbles is to go for the occasional walk. So I thought I’d compile this survival guide for staying sane (through semi-vigorous locomotion) in the age of the coronavirus. These are all must-haves. 1)  A healthy se
Formula E Cancels Races in London and New York
It never stood a chance. Formula E is an economic kitten compared to beasts like MLB, the NHL, the NBA, and the Summer Olympics. And they’ve already been postponed. So it was only a matter of time. On Friday, Autosport reported that Formula E cancelled the final two legs of its season in New York and London. Both sites have been repurposed to help provide care for coronavirus patients.