Staying Sane with a Bare Minimum of Physical Activity

Staying Sane with a Bare Minimum of Physical Activity

The MATRIX PowerWatch is a great excuse to leave the house and perform this evil ritual called "exercise."

Like many of you, I’m going bonkers from cabin fever, and the only way to save most of my marbles is to go for the occasional walk. So I thought I’d compile this survival guide for staying sane (through semi-vigorous locomotion) in the age of the coronavirus. These are all must-haves.

1)  A healthy sense of humor – On your walk, you’ll probably encounter fellow humans absorbing this toxic substance called “fresh air.” Some will be wearing masks. Some will dart across the street when they’re still half-a-block away. And that was before COVID-19. Just remember that everyone else is just as uncomfortable as you are (except for those genetic freaks that actually enjoy exercise).

2) Suntan lotion – Is it presumptuous to say that our industry is saturated by an age bracket that’s extra-vulnerable to ultraviolet rays? We might promote solar power at PSD, but the sun can provide more than a surplus of energy. Like cancer. So do yourself a favor – apply something with a high SPF before stepping outside. The pastier you are, the higher the number (I’m a 50, bare minimum).

3) A full suite of electronic toys – Going outside is a great excuse to splurge on smartwatches, pedometers, heartrate monitors, and fitness trackers that cost more than your entire wardrobe (my clothes are functional, not fashionable). MATRIX Industries was kind enough to furnish me with a PowerWatch – which recharges with body heat – and it’s been good motivation for me to step outside the house.

4) Proper footwear – Paging Captain Obvious? Even if your “workout gear” is 30 years old, with more holes than the Vegas desert, it pays to invest in good walking (or running) shoes. Your feet will thank you.

5) A recognition of your limits – At some point, you’ll get fatigued. If you’re like me, it won’t take long (my personal record is the end of the block). And despite popular opinion, passing out doesn’t build character. Know when to stop, wave the white flag, and venture back inside.