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September 2020
NY to Install EV Charging Stations at Major Commuter Lots

The commuter lot off New York State's Thruway Exit 18 (New Paltz).

We’ve mentioned “range anxiety” a ton on this site, and for good reason – taken as a whole, it’s probably the single biggest reason electric vehicles aren’t more mainstream. New York State just chipped away a small, but significant chunk, of our collective agita. The New York State Thruway Authority and Ne
Tesla's New Battery Cell Could Reduce Costs by 56%

Tesla's Elon Musk, the "real life Tony Stark," headlined his company's "Battery Day."

Tesla’s long-awaited “Battery Day” was a lot like its mercurial founder, Elon Musk – hyperbolic and possibly revolutionary. The company’s latest extravaganza shed light on a new type of battery cell that could tip the automotive scale in favor of electric vehicles. Their new battery cell will supp
Driver in Self-Driving Uber Crash Charged with Homicide

A Volvo self-driving SUV, similar to the one that struck and killed a pedestrian in 2018.

Remember way back when an Uber autonomous vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian? That was 2018, and on Tuesday, the driver was finally charged. To refresh – a couple years back, an Uber “self-driving” Volvo SUV struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The “safety driver,” Rafaela Vasquez, initially claimed that her personal and business
Flying Car Completes Successful Test Flight

The SD-03 flying car prototype from Skydrive.

Hollywood is a house of lies. Back to the Future – and other films and TV shows – showed us flying cars that seamlessly transition between vehicle and aircraft. The flying Delorean was a car, first and foremost, and it looked like one. But real “flying cars” are planes that happen to be road-worthy. Great Sco
Elon Musk Reveals Computer Chip Brain Implant

The implant is about the size of a large coin

This…might not turn out well. Popular conspiracy theories often warn about brain chips (or surreptitious chips in everyday objects). They’re silly. They’re comical. They’re extremely unlikely. Until a celebrity industrialist outright calls for a brain-machine interface and inserting “threads” of