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April 2022
New 200mm SiC Fab Will Power EV With 516 Mile Range
It has been a busy week for Wolfspeed. First it opened its state-of-the-art SiC fab in Marcy, New York, and then it announced that its devices have been used in the Lucid Air EV.   The opening of the Mohawk Valley 200mm SiC wafer fab facility in Marcy, N.Y. expands Wolfspeed’s manufacturing capacity to m
The World's First Portable EV Charging Infrastructure for Shared, Public Use

ZipCharge's GoHub

­We’re getting ever closer to defeating the dreaded “range anxiety” for EVs, and while governments across the globe are committing umpteen resources towards that end, the bigger contribution will – arguably – come from private industry. The GoHub, the world’s first portable EV charging infrastructure for sha
Segway Releases Attachment that Emits V8 Engine Sounds

The Segway-Ninebot GT2 SuperScooter

­ I’m…not quite sure what to make of this. The Segway…the dorkiest form of personal transportation in the history of ever…can now sound like a Mustang. Let that sink in… We’re talking about the Segway, the two-decade-old electric scooter invented by Dean Kamen that’s capable of a brisk 12.5
Nissan and NASA get together on solid-state battery materials
  It looks like more and more automakers are looking to solid-state batteries for their future generations of electric vehicles. A few weeks ago I wrote about Mercedes’ partnership with Taiwanese battery maker ProLogium to develop next-generation solid-state batteries. VW and startup QuantumScape are also working together, as are Toyota and Panasonic. While Ford seems to be going it alone in t
Autonomous Vehicle is Pulled over by the Police, Appears to Flee the Scene

Still taken from an Instagram video showing San Francisco Police pulling over a Cruise autonomous vehicle, which then appeared to flee the scene.

­Now here’s an interesting conundrum that I haven’t run across yet (but which will be very common in the near-future). While it’s true that fully autonomous vehicles (and computers in general) can’t make mistakes – in theory, anyway – they’re only as perfect as the people who program them. A
European Parliament Passes Battery Replacement Law
 I’ve written in this blog before about right to repair. There is a growing movement from owners wanting to repair their own equipment. Over the years, manufacturers, especially of mobile phones and other consumer equipment, have made it harder and harder to upgrade or perform repairs on our devices. They
Electric School Bus Provider Receives Largest Order in its History

An example of Blue Bird's electric school bus portfolio.

We’re well on our way to converting not just personal vehicles, but mass transportation, to electric – one of the leaders in electric and low-emission school buses has received its largest single order from a school district yet. Modesto City Schools in California purchased 30 electric school buses fro