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December 2020
LG's Quantum Dot TVs Feature Million-to-One Contrast Ratios
The Consumer Electronics Show has always been the catalyst for innovation – the VCR, Famicom (NES), Blu-Ray, OLED – and January’s event will introduce a potentially disruptive display tech to the crowded TV market. LG has been making a ton of noise about their QNED Mini LED range (w/ quantum dot nanocell mini LED technology), with CES 2021 its coming-out party. The Mini LED backl
Apple Car Could Have 'Next Level' Battery Technology
What, you thought Apple wouldn’t want to flex its considerable muscle in the next-gen auto market? According to a Reuters report, and supply chain activity with Taiwanese auto parts factories, Apple’s mythical car is on-track for 2024 production. And per those same sources, “Project Titan” – wh

You might know Baidu as “China’s Google.” They’re about to become directly immersed in one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Not like Baidu is small potatoes – the Beijing-based search engine owns a 76% market share in China, and according to Alexa’s Internet rankings, Baidu is the fo
LG Develops Transparent OLED Doors
Ever had one of those unfortunate – and uber embarrassing – collisions with a floor-length window? It’s happened to all of us (or maybe it’s just me), and with LG’s transparent OLED automatic doors, those mortifying incidents could be a thing of the past. “Our previous large-size transparent OLED disp