GM Close to Releasing a Battery that Lasts One Million Miles

GM Close to Releasing a Battery that Lasts One Million Miles

Last year, we reported that Tesla would soon have a battery with a lifespan in the seven digits. The research was a tad compromised – the university reporting it has a working relationship with Tesla – but the findings seem plausible. And now GM is tossing its hat into the million-mile race.

We’ve all heard about “range anxiety” for EVs, and one of the key factors in dispelling those concerns is battery density. The economics are just as crucial – we often speak of a “break even” point for EVs, and an expensive battery replacement pushes that point further out.

So EV batteries have to last awhile per charge and maintain their integrity over innumerable recharge cycles. A million miles is a good start.

According to GM Executive Vice President Doug Parks, the company is working with zero-cobalt electrodes and solid-state electrolytes to create a battery with quick-charge potential and a longevity of one million miles.

GM’s recent Ultium battery ranges from 50kWh to 200kWh and lasts up to 400 miles per charge. I couldn’t find specific figures on its overall lifespan, but this new, unnamed million-mile battery would supposedly be a decent step up.

A timeline for the new battery wasn’t readily apparent, but “multiple teams” are working on it.

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