Tech Talk

February 2024
­Implementing Power in the Intelligent Edge

Frederik Dostal, Subject Matter Expert, Power Management at Analog Devices

  The edge is the place that the physical world meets the digital world. At this junction, billions of sensors take measurements of every possible metric. In the original concept of the internet of things (IoT), the data from those sensors would be sent to a server or data-centre to be processed, action
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New ZVS Technology Enhances USB-C Power Delivery

Andy Smith, Director of Training at Power Integrations

­ USB-C has become the de facto standard for charging around the globe. Helped by regulation, especially in the EU, the protocol has grown until around 5 billion USB PD controllers will be shipped this year, and that figure is expected to almost double by 2028. The market for USB-C charging has expanded fr
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­New Process Cuts Costs of Green Hydrogen

Technion researchers claim that their new technology has significant advantages compared to other processes for producing green hydrogen

  Hydrogen has often been suggested as a way to fill in the gaps in renewable generation and even replace fossil fuels in some applications, for example, heavy industrial plant and in aircraft. However, the techniques we currently use for extracting hydrogen tend to be as environmentally unfriendly as
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