Tech Talk

February 2023
Wireless Power for the Mass Market

Renesas Wireless Power Transmitter IC - Power Efficiency Performance and Package Thermal Scans up to 40W

­  Wireless charging is predicted to experience huge growth over the next few years. Currently the vast majority of wireless charging applications are accomplished over quite short distances, but in the future they will operate over much longer distances, and also direct the power automatically to tar
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Green power halts coastal erosion

Erosion at Playa del Carmen

  The erosion of our coastlines is a becoming a serious problem in many areas of the world. This is mainly due to dying reefs and waves becoming more powerful. The issue with the reefs is that climate change has caused rising sea temperatures, leading to acidification and coral bleaching. As for waves, tot
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SIMO Technology - What Is It And When Should It Be Used?

A guide to the operation of a SIMO converter

­  Like other types of passive components, inductors can be bulky and costly. In some designs, this is not a problem, however more and more designs are becoming space constrained and the requirement for multiple power rails is also a growing trend. Each output usually needs its own inductor, and if the
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Wolfspeed Expands into Europe With New SiC Fab and Lab

Wolfspeed plans to build a highly-automated 200mm wafer fabrication facility in Saarland, Germany

  The new facility will be the company’s first manufacturing facility in Europe and it is also set to be its most advanced fab. Designed for innovation in SiC development and production, the fab is intended to be part of a collaboration within the EU’s IPCEI for Microelectronics and Communication Techno
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