Tech Talk

July 2022
Is Vertical GaN the Next Big Thing for Power Electronics?

Dr. Shahin Sharifzadeh has over 30 years of semiconductor experience and was most recently the SVP of World-wide Operations at Atmel. Before Atmel, Shahin was the EVP of Technology and World-wide Manufacturing at Cypress.

­ GaN has already transformed the power electronics industry, but there may be much more to come. The technology has matured somewhat, and each new generation of GaN devices brings incremental benefits - switching gets faster, efficiency rises and power products get smaller. Those gains will continue into the fu
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­GaN Driven like Silicon

Application board showcasing the new ICeGaN technology

  The benefits of GaN technology are clear to see. Higher frequency switching means higher efficiency, as well as allowing supporting components to be smaller, giving a more compact design overall. The inherent heat handling properties of GaN devices, coupled with their higher efficiency leads to less heat di
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­Perovskite-on-Silicon Solar Cell Achieves Over 30% Efficiency

Left and right panels: Schematics of perovskite-on-silicon tandems that are either flat or textured on their front side. Upper central panels: scanning electron microscopy images of the two types of devices developed by EPFL and CSEM. Lower central panels: corresponding picture.

  As we are relying more on renewables, getting the maximum energy possible out of their generation is important. The higher the efficiency, the lower the overall cost of the generated electricity over the lifetime of the installation. Furthermore, higher efficiency means the same amount of energy can be
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Samsung Wins the Race to 3nm Production

The images shows the migration from planar technology, through finFET to GAA

  The race between semiconductor manufacturers to get to the next node is always interesting to follow. Samsung beating TSMC to 3nm is pretty big news. This time it is even more relevant as it involves a completely new technology. In previous process nodes, finFET technology was used. This time, the ma
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