Tech Talk

May 2023
­Physics-Based Model Provides More In-Depth Analytics

Analytics technology makes industry more efficient

  The global supply chain was massively disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has prompted countries and trade organisations, such as the EU, to try to bring supply chains closer to home to safeguard their industries in case of other interruptions. More disruptions seem likely with Russian invasion
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 SiC Fuse Brings Flexibility to Circuit Protection in EVs

Microchip's new E-Fuse range enables a higher level of protection for power circuits in EV applications

  The availability of SiC technology has already transformed the automotive industry by enabling the design of electric vehicles with faster charging and longer ranges. The material’s ability to switch high voltages very quickly brings better efficiency to power conversion, and with that, better therma
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Isolated Gate Driver Adds Miles to EV Range

The UCC5880-Q1 device allows the design of safer, more efficient traction inverters for EV powertrains

­   When it comes to electric vehicles, range anxiety is one of the reasons that the technology has not been adopted more quickly. Battery technologies have improved enough that the potential mileage of which EVs are capable has risen considerably, but consumers still want more. Optimising areas other t
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New Technique Gives Old Batteries a Second Life

STABL module on a rack

  As we make the switch to renewable energy, batteries have a huge part to play in the speed of the transition, and also its success. At the moment, scientists across the globe are trying to find new battery chemistries that will store excess energy until it is needed by the grid. But there are also other
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