Tech Talk

October 2022
Fast Generation of Planar Transformer Designs

PI director of training, Andy Smith

   There is a drive to make almost all of our electronics smaller, including the power supplies and chargers. Often, it is only one individual component that is responsible for stopping further decreases in size, and in the case of power supplies, this component is usually the transformer. Wirewound tr
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­ Seaweed-based Separator Halts Dendrite Formation

­ Seaweed-based Separator Looks to Halt Dendrite Formation

  Dendrites are a block to progress in several new battery types. These branch-like structures grow between the anode and cathode and can be detrimental to the performance of the battery, or even cause short circuits. Either way, there is a sharp decrease in the number of charge-discharge cycles available
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­New, Safe Nuclear Reactor Design Can Fit on a Truck

BYU chemical engineering professor Matthew Memmott works in his lab on campus.

  In general, nuclear reactors are one of the safest methods of generating electricity. The problem is that when things do go wrong, the effects are disastrous, long lasting and very visible. Currently, the type of reactor used in the majority of nuclear generation is a light water reactor designs. Th
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Quantifying Reversibility and Irreversibility of Li-Metal Batteries

The method for decoupling and quantifying "active Li" and "dead Li"

­ New battery technologies and chemistries feature heavily in this column. This is mainly because better batteries are the holy grail of technology research at the moment. The company or group who manage to overcome outstanding problems and bring new technologies to market that will provide large scale st
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