­Würth Elektronik extends MagI³C-FISM family


Würth Elektronik has added the WPME-FISM DC/DC voltage converter with fixed output voltage and integrated switching power stage, to its MagI³C-FISM range.


­Würth Elektronik extends MagI³C-FISM family


The device is 100% pin-to-pin compatible with the previous MagI³C-FISM. It has improved properties: the efficiency goes up to 84 percent, the ambient temperature range has been increased to 105°C and the isolation voltage is 3 kV (for 60 seconds). Like some of its predecessors, this power module has continuous short-circuit protection.


The MagI³C FISM power modules have the advantage that no external components are required for operation and the effort required for circuit design is therefore minimal. Applications for the module include supplying voltages for interfaces and microcontrollers in test and measurement technology or industrial electronics. Thanks to its properties, it serves as simple functional isolation for overvoltage protection. For example, it prevents ground loops and shifts as well as interference in the signal path or sensor systems.


The entire product range is UL 62368-1 recognized. The low level of conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference complies with the EN55032 Class B / CISPR-32 standard.

Würth Elektronik supplies free samples on request. The new FISM module with 5 V output voltage is now available from stock without a minimum order quantity.