0805-size metal plate resistor handles up to one Watt



Offering the ability to use a smaller component while maintaining a high power rating, the TLR2A 0805-size metal plate current-sense resistor from KOA Speer Electronics can handle up to one Watt. Constructed with metal alloy for corrosion and heat resistance and non-trimming construction with excellent pulse resistance, the TLR2A also presents a low profile with a thickness as low as 0.26mm, a resistance range of 5m? ~ 10m?, resistance tolerance of 1% and T.C.R. of 100ppm. The TLR2A is ideal for applications in telecommunications and consumer electronics such as handheld devices, power supplies, computing devices, tablets and computers. Lead time averages 10 weeks and samples are available upon request. KOA Speer Electronics