1000W Parallel High-Performance Power Supply Achieves High Efficiency up to 94%


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MEAN WELL has launched the PFC enclosed type power supply HRPG-600 series. To offer more choices of high power products, MEAN WELL extends the output power up to 1000W for the HRPG-1000 series.

The primary feature for HRPG-1000 series is sharing the same mechanism with the HRPG-600 series. Customers are able to replace 600W power supply with a 1000W one without modifying system space. Other features include high efficiency up to 94%, wide working temperature range -40℃~70℃ (12V and 24V models especially have derating performances of 60℃), remote control functions (remote ON/OFF, remote sense, and DC OK signal), auxiliary power 5V@0.3A, no load power consumption <0.75W, and parallel power up to 4000W. With various functions, HRPG-1000 series is suitable for industrial control, electric motor, communication systems and network equipment, etc.

For more, visit http://www.meanwellusa.com.

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