10th International Conference on Electric Fuses and their applications comes to Dresden in September



The International Conference on Electric Fuses and their Applications to be held in Dresden in September 2015, is the 10th in a series of conferences which began in 1976. Electric fuses play a vital role in the protection of low, medium, and high-voltage power systems, power electronic systems, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems and many other areas. The ICEFA conference provides a platform for researchers, manufacturers, users, and those involved with safety standardisation to share and discuss the latest developments.

Future autonomous distribution grids - Fuses in a new environment
The large scale integration of powerful and volatile energy sources but also applications into the distribution grid requests the transition from a static to a dynamic grid. Local autonomous congestion management is the key for the implementation of such a smart grid. With limited information of voltage and current in the grid a smart decental controller, installed in the ring main unit, is able to detect all voltage band infringements and overcurrents. Autonomously, the controller is using suitable grid components but also specific demand and generation devices to bring the system back in the stable state. Compared to a conventional static grid the transport capacity is nearly doubled.

Since two years, this smart grid solution is in operation in two low voltage grid areas in Frankfurt. Currently, the transformation of this principle into the medium voltage level is in preparation. More and more active grid components are integrated into the system. The standardisation process is ongoing. Also, the interaction with the smart market is being analysed. Based on such an active system management scenario, the future roll of traditional fuses is analysed and recommendations for the further development of fuses are given.

Special highlights of the meeting are both evening events. You will be enjoy the city of Dresden by ship and see old, historic buildings. At the end of the evening you will enjoy authentic and tasty food, served in a pleasant atmosphere. This will give you the opportunity to get in touch with likeminded partners, communicate and have intellectual exchanges.

International Conference on Electric Fuses and their Applications