16-Channel, Mixed-Signal Front-End Digitizer


Analog Devices has introduced a 16-channel, mixed-signal front-end (MxFE) digitizer for aerospace and defence applications

These applications include phased array radars, electronic warfare, and ground-based SATCOM (satellite communications). The new digitizer includes four AD9081 or four AD9082 software-defined, direct RF sampling transceivers. It is designed to accelerate customer development by providing reference RF signal chains, software architectures, power supply designs, and application example code. ADI also introduced a digitizing card to complement the platform and facilitate system-level calibration algorithms and demonstration of power-up phase determinism.

ADQUADMXFE1EBZ 16-Channel, Mixed-Signal Front-End Digitizer Key Features:

• 16x RF receive (Rx) channels (32x digital Rx channels)

• 16x RF transmit (Tx) channels (32x digital Tx channels)

• Provided application-specific examples in MATLAB® application scripts and a GUI

• Flexible clock distribution

ADQUADMXFE-CAL Digitizing Card Key Features:

• Provides both individual adjacent channel loopback and combined channel loopback options

• Combined Tx and Rx channels output via SMA connectors

• On-board log power detectors with AD5592R digitization