1600 W AC & DC Power Supplies Include CRPS Features



Bel Power Solutions announces the PES1600 Series, 1600 W Platinum efficient front-end AC & DC power supplies for powering intermediate bus architectures (IBA) in high performance and high reliability servers, routers and network switches.

The PES1600 power supplies are hot-pluggable and feature parallel operation with active current sharing and full digital controls for improved performance. Cooling is managed by a fan controlled by the DSP controller. PES1600 delivers a power density of 42 W/in3 and meets 80 Plus “Platinum” efficiency in a compact package measuring 80 x 40 x 195 mm. An active ORing device on the output ensures no reverse load current and renders the supply ideally suited for operation in redundant power systems. An always-on +12 V 40 W standby output is provided. The PES1600 was designed to include CRPS features such as a black box event recorder, short time overload capability and fast overcurrent detection.

PES1600-12-080NA Product Page:  https://belfuse.com/product-detail/power-solutions-ac-dc-front-end-pet-pes-series-pes1600?navCategory=pespetSeriesfrontendDcdcPowerSolutionsProductType

PES1600-12-080NA Datasheet: https://belfuse.com/resources/datasheets/powersolutions/ds-bps-pes-1600-series.pdf

PES1600-12-080ND Product Page: https://belfuse.com/product-detail/power-solutions-dc-dc-front-end-pet-pet-series-pes1600

PES1600-12-080ND Datasheet: https://belfuse.com/resources/datasheets/powersolutions/ds-bps-pes1600-12-080nd.pdf