18kW HVDC Power Shelf Features 240 to 380Vdc Inputs


Power Shelf is Compatible with Open Compute Rack Designs

Bel Power Solutions announces the the SPSPFE3-07 power shelf, which provides rectification, system management and power distribution from HVDC mains (240/380Vdc) power into a main output of 12 VDC for powering intermediate bus architectures up to 15kW (5+1) in high performance servers, routers and network switches.

Each SPSPFE3-07 shelf can be configured with up to 6X PFE3000-12-069RA or TET3000-12-069RA power supplies, which are both hot swap and redundancy capable, and contain two separate DC inputs (one inlet powers 3 power modules). Featuring full digital controls for improved performance, cooling is managed by a fan controlled by the DSP controller. The shelf is compatible with the Open Compute rack design.

SPSPFE3-07 HVDC Power Shelf Product Page:  https://belfuse.com/product-detail/power-solutions-dc-dc-power-shelves-spspfe3-hv-dc-power-shelf