1kW Power Supplies w/ Active-PFC for Industrial Applications



ABSOPULSE Electronics introduces the PFHI 1K-FXW series of high input voltage, wide input range switched-mode power supplies with active power factor correction (PFC) designed for 1kW industrial applications.

The power supplies operate over 180V to 480V AC-input range, 400Vac nominal input or custom.  Outputs include 24Vdc/40A, 48Vdc/20A, 110Vdc/9A or 125Vdc/8A or custom.  An optional built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel connection to achieve higher output power or N+1 redundancy, and also makes the unit suitable for battery charging applications.

The PFHI 1K-FXW units employ active power factor correction, which limits input current harmonics to achieve a PFC rating of 0.97 at full load for the entire input range. All power supplies in the series comply with the EN61000-3-2 directive for low input harmonic distortion.

The power supplies are designed for compliance with EN/UL60950-1 and equivalent industrial safety standards. Filtering on the input and output contributes to low output ripple and noise. The input meets EN55032 Class A with wide margins; Class B is available as an option. Isolation includes 4300Vdc input to output, 3000VDC input to chassis and 1300VDC output to chassis.  

Cooling is by high quality built-in fans and by conduction via the baseplate, which provide sufficient cooling for operation over a 0°C to +50°C temperature range for full specification without derating. Wider temperature ranges are available on request.

The PFHI 1K-FXW units are ruggedly constructed and designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration (IEC 61373 Cat 1 A&B); this ensures reliable operation in harsh environments. The internal board is conformal coated for immunity to moisture, humidity and airborne contaminants. The units measure 185.4 x 69.3 x 351 mm / 7.3″ x 2.7″ x 13.8″ (W x H x D). 

Please contact the company for further information on this and similar designs, for pricing and delivery.