1U, 3"x 5", 120W Multi-Output Switcher is Most Versatile in Industry



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UNIPOWER announces the introduction of its EASYMOD® Series Model AM120. This multiple output switcher is characterized by its versatility and adaptability into practically any Medical, ITE or Industrial application. While there are several standard models, the product is really designed to optimize the power supply to the customer's Application Specific requirements. Features include, wide range operation from -40 to 85 degrees, -40 degree start-up, up to 4 customer specified outputs, with an option to isolate V4, voltages ranging from 1.5VDC to 48VDC as the application requires. All output combinations are pre-approved to cUL & TUV to 60950-1, 2nd edition, EN60601-1, CB. This series provides a full 120W of output with forced air, 90W convection and up to 180W with fan-cover assembly. Product is available in AC or DC input versions, DC versions can be 12, 24 or 48VDC input. 85 to 350VDC input is also available. 400Hz operation models can be provided with this versatile switcher. One of the unique features is that all of this versatility can be found without changing the physical dimensions of the product. Standard models of the AM120 Series power supplies are available from stock and modified units can be made available normally in five to 20 days, depending on customer's requirements. Technical discussions for fast customization can start by contacting any UNIPOWER's sales offices in England or in the US. Volume OEM pricing is $65.00 each. UNIPOWER welcomes interest in the new AM120 Series and can quickly provide custom configurations with fast turnaround. www.unipowereurope.com