2014 CES Robotics TechZone to feature cutting-edge automatons from across the globe



At the 2014 CES Robotics TechZone, Las Vegas Convention Center and World Trade Center (LVCC), South Hall 1, there will be an array of robots using the latest technologies. These robots and other automata, addressing applications from entertainment to life-augmentation, represent the leading edge in a continuously-developing marketplace.

Some of the companies exhibiting:

AIBrain (Booth #21462)
Based at Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, AIBrain builds core AI solutions mainly for smartphones and robotics applications. 

Five Elements Robotics (Booth #21460)
Five Elements Robotics is dedicated to transforming the human robot relationship, and believe that robots can and will be a primary component of our everyday life as we move into tomorrow. To that end, they have developed several robots designed to lend a hand to their human buddy's.

Future Robot (Booth #21661)
Future Robot Co. Ltd. offers global distribution of a robotic total solution: from design, hardware, software and contents, to production. Future Robot offers rental of Smart Robotic Signage as well as Robotic Service Platform and Convergence in Education, Medical, Senior and Home Service Robotics. 

Grillbot (Booth #21663)
Getting the grease and grime off your grill can be a real hassle for food service professionals and home-grillers alike. With just the touch of a button, Grillbot takes the grunt work out of grill cleaning. This Roomba-like little guy does all the hard work for you. Good-bye grill scrubbing. 

Innvo Labs (Booth #21559)
Designing the next generation of robotic companion life forms utilizing Innvo's Life OS System, the company's unique products intend to blur the line between technology and life by integrating organic sensory response and autonomous behaviors.

Jetta (Booth #21461, #21561)
Jetta is a leading ODM/OEM in the consumer products industry including electronics, robotics, toys, infant and juvenile products, home appliances, tools and more. With a commitment to integrity, excellence, synergy and over 35 years of solid experience, Jetta is a recognized ODM/OEM specialist. 

Jigabot (Booth #22064)
Jigabot is the creator of AIMe, the revolutionary robot that auto-aims and -frames smartphone and GoPro devices, so you don't have to. Now you can put your smartphone or GoPro on this innovative new AIMe device and have it film, while you get to be truly present in the moment with your child.

Mantaro Networks (Booth #21563)
Designed for commercial and consumer applications the MantaroBot™ Telepresnece Robots are mobile offsite conferencing platforms which, via a plug-in, work with Skype™ or any commercial A/V app, to allow a user to remotely interact with and observe people and their environment. 

Microinfinity (Booth #22059)
Microinfinity Co., Ltd. specializes in navigation system technologies, including safety gear for vehicles, telemetry systems and intelligent cleaning robots.  

PARO Robots (Booth #21862)
Modeled after a baby harp seal, PARO is an advanced interactive therapeutic robot designed to stimulate patients with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other cognition disorders. PARO Robots U.S., Inc was established in November 2008 to introduce the therapy baby harp seal robot to the U.S. 

R.Bot (Booth #21459)
The R.Bot booth will showcase robots used for marketing, entertainment, remote education, and security. Visit the R.Bot booth to see and learn about RBOT100 (telepresence robot) and the Synergy (robotic body for smartphones and tablets). 

Robstep Robot (Booth # 21659)
Robstep Robot Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company building segway-type, smart electric robotic vehicles, mechanical and electrical products.  

SOLOSHOT (Booth #22068)
SOLOSHOT is a first-of-it's-kind robot cameraman that allows everyone, from surfers to soccer moms, to automatically point their camera at the action from a distance with no camera operator. Get in the action or stay in the moment and let SOLOSHOT capture it. 

Tosy Robotics (Booth #21566)
TOSY Robotics is a young company from Vietnam that designs the coolest robots and high-tech toys. Our products are well-known for their originality and are internationally recognized with numerous awards. 

Zhuhai Huanso Industrial (Booth #21463)
Zhuhai Huanso Industrial Co.,Ltd is a global DIY security leader,a professional enterprise active in research & development, manufacturing and distribution of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) products, including IP camera, SD and DVR.

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