250W Convection Cooled, DC-DC Converters for Harsh Environments



ABSOPULSE Electronics PDC 250-HSA-P59 series is a recent addition to the company’s line of fully encapsulated, convection cooled DC-DC converters. 

The 250W units are entirely potted with a thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound with a UL94V-0 flammability rating. Full encapsulation provides immunity to shock, vibration, moisture, dust, salt and other contaminants, as well as ensuring heat dissipation throughout the module. The converters are suitable for operation in extreme environments including transportation, heavy industry, mining, oil and gas, and power generation and power generation and distribution.

Convection cooling is achieved by installing the unit on a heatsink assembly block with fins attached to the under-surface of the chassis. The heatsink assembly allows for mounting on uneven and thermally non-conductive surfaces such as brick walls, plastic and wood. The units are rated for operation over a -40oC to +70oC cold plate temperature range for full specification without derating. DIN-rail mounting clips are available.

The converters deliver a single regulated output of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc, 72Vdc or custom. They operate from 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 125Vdc or custom input voltages. Regulation is better than 1% from zero load to full load across all line and load conditions. Efficiency is 80% at full load.

Filtering on the input and output contributes to low output ripple and noise. The input meets EN55032 Class A with wide margins; Class B is available on request. The converters also comply with EN/UL60950-1 and equivalent UL and CSA international safety standards.

ABSOPULSE is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of an extensive range of industrial and railway quality power conversion solutions. All of our existing designs can also be modified to meet customer requirements. We also specialize in fully custom solutions.

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