3-phase non-contact, true rms current transducer from PEM touts convenience



The RCTrms 3-phase current transducer

The RCTrms 3-phase current transducer from Power Electronic Measurements (PEM) delivers a convenient, safe and accurate solution for measuring current in three phases. It features a thin, clip-around, flexible sensor coil and provides accurate true rms measurement with 4-20mA or 0-5V output, enabling simple installation with PLC’s, SCADA systems or automation equipment.

The compact, DIN-rail or panel mountable RCTrms-3ph extends the design of PEM’s proven RCTrms single-phase transducer, connecting to three Rogowski coils to capture measurements from three current phases simultaneously. This significantly reduces cost per channel, while enabling safe and fast installation.

With 18 current ratings options from 100A to 50,000A, and a choice of 300mm, 500mm, 700mm or custom coil lengths, the RCTrms-3ph can be used in many applications and connected to a wide variety of SCADA systems, PLCs, data loggers, protection equipment or motor controllers. The clip-around coil design allows fast and easy positioning, and provides accurate results without needing to be centralised around the conductor. An isolated BNC-BNC cable-split option is available, to ease installation such as when threading through existing conduit.

RCTrms-3ph operates from a 12V-24V supply, and generates an accurate, true-RMS output as an industry-standard 4-20mA or 0-5V signal. The transducer provides a galvanically isolated measurement. Each unit is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate.

The RCTrms-3ph uses non-magnetic materials, which ensures excellent linearity and prevents damage from over currents. Typical accuracy is better than 1% of reading from 10 to 100% full scale. The units are safe, with 2kVdc power-supply isolation and 2kVpeak coil rating, and are CE marked and compliant with EMC EN 61326-1 2006 and IEC61010-1:2001.