3637 Size Added To CSSK Four Terminal Current Sense Resistors



High efficiency current sensing is commonly done using low resistance value resistors. However, as resistance values are reduced, the measurement error due to lead resistance becomes significant. For applications requiring high efficiency with the best possible temperature accuracy, four terminal metal element current sensing products are the ideal choice.

Stackpole’s CSSK is a four terminal chip resistor series that provides high power handling, low resistance values, and low TCR with the added accuracy of a four terminal Kelvin connection. Stackpole has recently added a 3W 3637 size available in resistance values from 0.5 milliohm to 3 milliohm, with 50 ppm TCR, and tolerances as low as 0.1%.

The excellent high current performance, stability, and accuracy of the CSSK are ideal for applications including power modules, frequency converters, home appliances, solid state power supplies, portable battery management, hybrid power control and automotive power and control. 

Pricing for the CSSK3637 in 1% tolerances is around $0.50 each in full package quantities.

Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distribution partners for specific or volume pricing.  

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