3W ACDC Converter with Transient Output Power Up to 12W


MORNSUN’s first high-transmission power product, the 3W AC/DC converter LDE03-20Bxx-O Series, supports 12W output and lasts for 10 seconds.

In some applications where high transient communication or drive power is required, such as electrical control systems, automatic meter reading, anti-theft alarms, and access electric lock applications, large amounts of power are outputted in a short time at transmitting and receiving data or driving relays. Therefore, the system usually has to use a higher steady output converter to meet the demand in the case of no high transient converter, resulting in power redundancy. Not only that, High power converter can result in larger system dimension or layout difficulties, as well as increasing purchase cost.

By comprehensively optimizing circuit design, material platform and other R&D platforms, MORNSUN researched and launched the 3W high transient power AC/DC converter LDE03-20Bxx-O series, assisting the demand of high transient power system, which the 3W power supply reliably replaces the 12W steady output power supply, and optimizing system dimension and cost. In addition, the series has high isolation voltage (4000VAC), wide operating temperature (-40 to 80°C), low no-load power consumption (0.3W), and complete protection functions (output short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature protection), the dimension is 37.0*24.5*18.0mm (compatible with our LDE03-20Bxx), which saves system application space and ensures reliable system application.


The products are mainly used in electrical control systems, automatic meter reading, anti-theft alarms and access electric lock, etc. where requires high transient power (such as high transient communication or drive power).