4-in-1 LED Neon Light Enables More Vivid Colors



Environmental Lights announces the launch of EcoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon.

EcoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon is an LED-based replacement for traditional neon that provides more color options than standard LED RGB neon. It takes LED neon to the next level by enabling users to mix RGB with one of three different color options. Users can create colors that were not previously possible with standard LED RGB neon. The UL listed EcoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon utilizes a flexible silicone casing, making it durable and easy to install. The combination of the rugged silicone casing and the custom color mixing capabilities make it the perfect choice for many retail, scenic and commercial applications.

EcoFlex LED Neon is low maintenance and saves time and money on installation. Run lengths of EcoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon can go up to 5-meters when powered from one end. It is easily controlled and gives users full reign over their lighting installations.

EcoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon is available in 5-meter reels and includes RGB diodes with an additional choice of either a 3,000K, 6,500K or an amber diode. With an IP65 rating and injection-molded ends, EcoFlex LED Neon is also safe for outdoor lighting applications.

Product Features

· UV resistant and low maintenance

· Flexible, durable silicone housing with 40mm lateral bending radius

· IP65 rated with factory-sealed ends

· RGB plus option of either 3,000K, 6,500K, or Amber

· Up to 5-meter run lengths

· Easy to install

· UL Listed

Learn more at Environmental Lights.