40 V eGaN FET Ideal for High Power Density Solutions



The EPC2055, a 40 V, 3 milliohm eGaN FET, offers designers a device that is smaller, more efficient, and more reliable than currently available devices for high performance, space-constrained applications.
This device is ideal for applications with demanding requirements for performance in space-constrained form factors including USB-C batter chargers and ultra-thin point-of-load (POL) converters. Other low-voltage applications benefiting from the fast-switching speeds and ultra-high efficiency of the EPC2055 include LED lighting, 12 V – 24 V input motor drivers, and lidar systems for robotics, drones, and autonomous cars.
BrightLoop Converters has greatly reduced the size, cost and improved reliability of its latest BB SP DC-DC buck converters thanks to the 80 V, EPC2029 eGaN FET. By switching from silicon transistors to GaN, BrightLoop was able to increase the switching frequency of their design from 200 kHz to 600 kHz, while keeping the same efficiency. This design change increased the power density of the solution by a factor of approximately two and this resulted in lower cost by enabling the implementation of a smaller enclosure.
EPC also recently announced the availability of the EPC9151, a 300 W bidirectional DC-DC voltage regulator in the in the very small 16th brick format which is just 33 mm x 22.9 mm (1.3 x 0.9 in). The EPC9151 power module features Microchip’s dsPIC33CK digital signal controller (DSC) with the EPC2152 ePower Stage integrated circuit from EPC to achieve greater than 95% efficiency in a 300 W 48 V to/from 12 V converter design. Additional phases can be added to this scalable 2-phase design to further increase power.

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