42 Technology develops novel technology for low cost polyphase metering



2 Technology’s new polyphase metering technology

42 Technology (42T) announced a novel technology for more robust and accurate polyphase metering with system costs estimated at up to 30% lower than currently available solutions. This breakthrough approach uses a resistive sensing topology, which is already the preferred approach for single phase meters on account of its cost, performance and magnetic immunity. 42T has developed several working prototypes and is now actively looking for commercial partners to help bring the technology to market.

The resulting system is completely immune to strong DC magnetic fields and offers high isolation voltage up to 15 kV, whereas most alternative technologies fail at 12 kV or less. It also offers additional performance and manufacturing benefits over existing metering topologies including: more accurate current measurement across a wide dynamic range from 100 mA to 100 A; higher frequency current measurement into the MHz region; and lower costs for product assembly and test.

“42 Technology’s new polyphase metering technology has been specifically developed to offer the highest performance at the lowest possible cost and will help us to further penetrate the energy and utilities market where we already work with some of the world’s largest metering companies. Several companies have already shown an interest in this breakthrough approach and we hope to announce our first development partnership within the next few months,” said Tolga Aydemir, electronics consultant at 42T