500VDC SMD Fuse Optimized for Electric Vehicle Applications Offers Short-Circuit Protection Up to 1500A


Compact, automotive-qualified fuses save space on crowded boards

CHICAGO — Littelfuse, Inc. introduced a series of surface-mount fuses with interrupting current ratings up to 1500A that are optimized for use in high-voltage automotive applications up to 350VAC or 450/500VDC. NANO2 885 Series Fuse is designed to protect electric vehicles against severe fault/short-circuit currents, ensuring reliability in harsh environments. With a low profile and a footprint of just 10.86mm x 4.78mm, the 885 Series Fuse is the smallest surface-mount fuse on the market for 450/500VDC automotive applications, making it ideal for applications where circuit board space is limited and legacy through-hole fuses are unsuitable. The 885 Series Fuse is available in current ratings from 1A to 5A.

Typical automotive applications for 885 Series Fuse include:

  • Li-ion battery packs used in electric vehicles

  • Li-ion battery packs used in electric vehicles

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)

  • Sense lines

  • On-board chargers

  • High voltage DC/DC converter

The 855 Series Fuse offers the following key benefits:

  • High DC voltage ratings up to 500VDC and interrupting current ratings up to 1500A provide reliable protection against severe fault/short-circuit currents for electric vehicles.

  • The solderless platform used in the 855 Series Fuse’s robust design minimizes the risk of nuisance openings due to mechanical bonding failure and provides better performance for consistent functionality.

  • Compliance with the automotive qualifications developed by Littelfuse based on the AEC-Q200 test plan ensures reliability in harsh automotive environments.

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