6-DoF XYZ-axis MEMS-Based Sensor for Industrial Applications



Murata has announced the availability of its 6-Degrees of Freedom (DoF) MEMS-based XYZ-axis inertial sensor for high-precision machine control and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning. The SCHA63T series features a digital SPI interface to enable engineers to develop industrial equipment with robust and reliable centimeter-level positioning accuracy for highly demanding environments. Target applications include Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), machine control and guidance equipment, navigation and positioning systems, dynamic inclination, robotic control, and UAVs.

The high-performance parameters of the SCHA63T sensor, such as gyro bias instability, is down to 1°/h, and gyro noise density of 0.0015°/s/√Hz enable the device to achieve best in class performance. The low acceleration linearity error ensures high accuracy machine control and guidance. Cross-axis calibration enables better than 0.14° orthogonality error, saving system integrators valuable development time and money on performing this process themselves. Additional features include user-selectable filter settings of 13/20/46/300 Hz. The extensive self-diagnostics also enable the solution to be used in safety-critical applications. 

The SCHA63T 6-DoF XYZ-axis inertial sensor is currently in mass production. For more information, such as detailed specifications, samples, and purchase information, visit here.