60-Page Catalog Features Utility Management, Leak Detection, Submetering, Thermostat Control, and Reporting Solutions for Multi-Family Facilities


The comprehensive resource provides building owners, managers, engineers, installers and distributors with product details, specifications and case study examples; H2O Degree’s proven approach leads to dramatically reduced utility bills and increased pr

Bensalem, PA— H2O Degree announces a new 60-page catalog, “Utility Management Solutions for Multi-Family Facilities,” that simplifies the application and specification process for everyone involved – from building owners and managers to engineers and maintenance staff. Now available for download on the company’s website, the catalog details the benefits of using H2O Degree’s advanced submetering, leak detection, thermostat control and reporting solutions, all which support increased building efficiency, lowered utility costs, energy-saving Green Building initiatives and LEED certification programs. It also provides extensive product application information, technical specifications, engineering data and practical information about reporting and billing.

The H2O Degree system employs a unique combination of two-way wireless mesh technology, water meters, electric meters, “smart” Green Thermostats, as well as daily water meter usage and leak-detection reporting. The new catalog presents case studies about residential buildings that have already realized dramatic utility cost savings using the comprehensive systems approach, such as cutting their water usage in half. It also provides detailed information about company’s wide-ranging product offerings for:

·       Utility Submetering – Water, Electric, Gas and BTU

·       Water Leak Detection

·       Wireless Thermostat Control

·       Utility Consumption Analysis and Reporting

To request a copy of the new H2O Degree catalog, or to learn how H2O Degree’s submetering and leak detection system results in significant savings, please go to www.h2odegree.com.