60-V battery-charging controller and power manager features input maximum-power-point control


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High-power MPPC charge controller interfaces with any switching regulator.

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4000-1, a high-voltage controller and power manager with input MPPC (maximum-power-point control) that converts virtually any externally compensated DC-DC power supply into a full-featured battery charger. The LTC4000-1 is capable of driving typical DC-DC converter topologies, including buck, boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, flyback, and forward. The device offers precision input-current monitoring and charge-current monitoring and regulation. It operates across wide 3- to 60-V input and output voltage ranges, compatible with a variety of different input voltage sources, battery stacks, and chemistries. The LTC4000-1's MPPC circuit features an input-voltage regulation loop that controls charge current to maintain the input voltage at a programmed level for solar panels or other high impedance sources. Applications include:

  • high-power battery-charger systems
  • high-performance portable instruments
  • battery-backup systems
  • industrial or military battery-equipped devices
The LTC4000-1 features an intelligent PowerPath topology that preferentially provides power to the system load when input power is limited. The LTC4000-1 controls external PFETs to provide low-loss reverse current protection, efficient battery charging and discharging, and instant-on operation to ensure that system power is available at plug-in, even with a deeply discharged battery. External sense resistors and precision sensing ensure accurate currents at high efficiency, allowing operation with converters that span the power range from mW to kW. The LTC4000-1's full-featured controller charges a variety of battery chemistries, including lithium-ion/polymer/phosphate, SLA (sealed lead acid), and nickel-based. The device provides charge status indicators through its FLT and CHRG pins. Other features of the battery charger include:
  • 0.2% programmable float voltage
  • selectable timer or C/X current termination
  • temperature-qualified charging using an NTC thermistor
  • automatic recharge
  • C/10 trickle charge for deeply-discharged cells
  • Bad-battery detection
The LTC4000-1 is available in low-profile (0.75 mm) 28-pin 4 x 5 mm QFN and SSOP-28 packages. The device is guaranteed for operation from -40 to +125 °C. Pricing starts at $3.95 (1000). LTC4000-1 summary of features:
  • Maximum power control: Solar-panel compatible
  • Wide input and output voltage ranges: 3 to 60 V
  • Low-loss input reverse blocking and load sharing
  • Instant-on operation with heavily-discharged battery
  • Programmable charge current: 1% accuracy
  • Precision input and charge current monitors
  • Accurate programmable float voltage: 0.2% at room and 1% over temperature
  • Programmable C/X or timer-based charge termination
  • NTC input for temperature-qualified charging
  • 28-lead 4 × 5 mm QFN or SSOP-28 packages
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