60 V Rad Hard GaN Power Device for Demanding Space Applications


EPC Space introduces a new 60 V radiation-hardened (rad-hard) gallium nitride (GaN) transistor for power conversion solutions….

EPC Space announces the introduction of EPC7014UB, a 60 V radiation-hardened gallium nitride transistor that is lower in cost and is a more efficient solution than the nearest comparable radiation hardened (RH) silicon MOSFET. Utilizing GaN technology, the EPC7014UB outperforms RH silicon-based devices as it offers higher breakdown strength, faster switching speed, and lower on-resistance, than other RH power devices. 

Lower resistance and gate charge enable faster power supply switching frequencies resulting in higher power densities, higher efficiencies, and more compact and lighter weight circuitry for critical spaceborne missions. 

Applications benefiting from the performance of these products include power supplies for satellites and space mission equipment, light detection and ranging (lidar) for robotics and autonomous navigation and rendezvous docking, motor drives for robotics, instrumentation and reaction wheels, and ion thrusters for satellite orientation and positioning, as well as interplanetary propulsion of low-mass robotic vehicles. Additionally, the EPC7014UB can be used as a gate driver interface between CMOS or TTL control circuits and power devices in a radiation hardened environment.

The EPC7014UB, is a 60 V, 580 mΩ, 4 APulsed, rad-hard eGaN FET in an industry standard UB package. The EPC7014UB has a total dose rating greater than 1 Mrad and SEE immunity for LET of 85 MeV/(mg/cm2). These devices are also offered in a chip-scale package from EPC.

Price & Availability

500 units space level grade pricing starts at $160/each. Contact factory for availability and delivery.

For more information, visit EPC Space.