600W DC-DC Converter Delivers Industry-Leading Efficiency



Murata introduced its DRE-11.4/53-L48 eighth brick Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) from Murata Power Solutions. The product series addresses the growing power requirements of networking and telecommunications infrastructure equipment by delivering the highest efficiency in the industry at this power output level and small package size. It is ideal for applications that require a highly efficient, 600W intermediate bus converter that supports a Vin range of 36-60Vdc.

The DRE-11.4/53-L48 series incorporates the most advanced digital control techniques to deliver a high performance, functionally rich, fixed switching frequency technology for IBC applications. The DOSA compliant series is designed and tested to meet the industry standard requirements of IPC-9592 for long term, high-reliability applications. Standard features include parallel load sharing of two or more modules, start-up & shut-down into pre-bias (no reverse currents), positive or negative on/off logic options, and over current and over temperature protection. The module also provides 2,250Vdc I/O isolation with a functional insulation safety rating. 

For more information, visit Murata’s website at www.murata.com.