650V, 1200V, and 1700V Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode Family



SemiQ recently announced the release to production of its new 3rd generation SiC Diode Family featuring blocking voltages of 650V, 1200V and 1700V with forward-current starting at 8 amps up to 50 A per chip. Packages include TO-220-2L, TO-220-3L, TO-247-2L, TO-247-3L, SOT-227, TO-263 as well as bare die.

These Gen-3 products represent a huge improvement in reliability, device ruggedness, surge current capability, and moisture resistance. Extensive qualification testing includes over eight million device hours of HTRB and H3TRB. All packaged devices are 100% tested for unclamped inductive load. As an additional benefit to the customer, SemiQ provides a robust and reliable, redundant supply chain, including 3+ suppliers of SiC substrates, 4+ suppliers of SiC EPI, 2 qualified SiC wafer fabs, and multiple sources for high volume packaging and testing.

SemiQ is an integrated development and manufacturing company that grows its own SiC epitaxial and is building the most reliable, redundant supply chain with multiple substrate suppliers, multiple epitaxial suppliers, two wafer fabrication facilities, and multiple packaging and testing facilities.

SemiQ's product line includes silicon carbide (SiC) power discretes (diodes and MOSFETs), silicon (Si) and SiC power modules, SiC wafers and die, and SiC Epitaxial wafers.  The firm also offers custom semiconductor module designs for power system engineers needing modules that accommodate challenging customer-driven power conversion designs and applications.

SemiQ is a partially employee-owned company that believes continued technological innovation of SiC products is the foundation for power electronics in energy industries of the future. SemiQ’s agility is its strength, as SemiQ is uniquely focused on manufacturing Sic components and SiC epitaxial wafers for the development of low cost, high frequency, high temperature and high-efficiency power semiconductor devices.

SemiQ’s headquarters are in Lake Forest, California. For additional information please visit the company website at www.SemiQ.com.