6A N-Channel MOSFET Gate Driver Operates over a -55°C to 125°C Junction Temperature Range



6A N-Channel MOSFET Gate Diver

Linear Technology Corporation announces a new high reliability (MP-grade) version of the LTC4441, a 6A N-channel MOSFET gate driver that operates over a -55°C to125°C operating junction temperature range. This high power driver is designed to increase the output power and efficiency of a DC/DC controller, enabling it to drive high power N-channel MOSFETs or multiple MOSFETs in parallel. Its gate drive voltage is adjustable from 5V to 8V, allowing designers to choose either standard threshold or logic level MOSFETs. With a wide input supply range from 5V to 25V, the LTC4441 provides a simplified solution for increasing the output power capability of power supplies in telecom, industrial systems and motor control applications. The LTC4441 includes an easily adjustable 5V to 8V onboard linear regulator for its gate drive voltage and IC power. The propagation delay when driving a 4.7nF capacitance with 7.5V drive voltage is only 30ns. Adjustable leading edge blanking prevents ringing when sensing the source current in the power MOSFETs. The LTC4441 has a robust TTL/CMOS-compatible input that can be driven below ground or above the driver supply. Other protection features are undervoltage lockout and overtemperature circuits, which disable the driver output when activated. Summary of Features: LTC4441MP

  • 6A Peak Output Current
  • Wide Input Supply Range from 5V to 25V
  • Adjustable Gate Drive Voltage from 5V to 8V
  • Logic Input Can Be Driven Below Ground
  • Adjustable Blanking Time Reduces Ringing
  • 30ns Propagation Delay
The LTC4441 is packaged in a thermally enhanced 10-lead MSOP. For more information, visit www.linear.com/product/LTC4441 www.linear.com